What is SportsHero?

SportsHero is a world leading sports prediction app.

We believe in fun, engagement and great prizes.

Our mission is to provide passionate sports fans & pundits across football, rugby & cycling the opportunity to use their knowledge to guess the outcomes of their favorite matches & races.

Not to mention, they also get access to exclusive in-app content from our partners and ambassadors.

How does it work?

  1. Sport fans sign up to the platform & customize their dashboard with their fav teams, leagues & tournaments.
  2. They start guessing the outcome of their favorite matches & races.
  3. They can also enter ‘special competitions’.
  4. Earn points for their correct picks.
  5. Surge up the leaderboard.
  6. Win awesome prizes.

What is a competition?

Competition is a compilation of events users have to predict on. Each event has a winner. If the prediction was correct the user gets points. All users start a competition with zero points and the only way to earn points is to win place a correct prediction. A user with the highest number of points at the end of the competition wins.

What is an event?

Events can be connected to either a single physical event or a series of physical events (for ex, football match or cycling stage).

What is round?

Competition can be divided into rounds. Each round contains a number of events. For each successful prediction, users get points. At the end of a round, all points are summed.

When a user fills in all predictions in some round the round is considered completed for the user. The round may have different names for different sports.

Who wins a round?

A user with the highest number of points at the end of the round is a winner. It can be only one winner per round. If multiple users get the same number of points at the end of a round the winner is the one completed the round first. The round has winners and may (but not have to) have prizes. Prizes for competition winners are greater than prizes for round winners.

Who wins a competition?

All round points at the end of competition are summed and the competition winner is a user with the highest number of points. There shall be only one competition winner. If multiple users get the same number of points at the end of competition the winner is the one with the highest number of round wins.

Can I make predictions one at a time?

You don’t have to make all your predictions at once if you’d prefer to do them one at a time.

How do I lock my predictions?

Locking your predictions is required if you’d like to see what other users have picked before the start of a match. Predictions can’t be changed once round is locked.

Do I need to pay to participate?

No. SportsHero Competitions are free-to-play. This means you don’t have to pay to participate in the picks. Every new user gets 100,000 points when they sign up and will use them for the main leader board.

You can also participate in our many different competitions for free. In each competition, everybody starts with zero points, on a custom leaderboard. Best performers surge up the leaderboard as they collect points for their correct picks to win the prizes on offer.

Are the match stats accurate?

SportsHero works with sports data providers to show real-time match-specific statistics to allow users to make data-driven picks.

How do your points systems work?

You earn points by making the correct picks. The more correct picks you to make, the more points you collect along the way.

What are round, prediction and bonus points?

Round points are connected to a specific round and contain information on how many points the user has earned for this round.

Prediction points are connected to a specific prediction and contain information on how many points the user has earned for making this prediction.

Bonus points are not connected to anything specific and contain information on how many points the user has earned for some additional progress and activities (e.g. a number of successful predictions per round).

How does the leaderboard work?

Each competition has its own leaderboard where all participating users are shown ordered by a number of points and round wins. A user can open any user profile from a leaderboard to see his competition history and his progress through rounds.

How do I get aware of the competition’s results I’m participated to?

You can enable push notifications to keep abreast of the latest results and earned/lost points and stay on top of things.

What type of prizes can I win?

Prizes can vary from signed football jerseys to cricket bats, equipment, vouchers and more. The prizes are getting better and we have some really cool prizes to give away over the next few months so keep making those picks.

Is this possible to communicate with other users through the app?

Yes, it’s possible. You can add other users into private or group chats and discuss the latest sports news, transfers and scores.

Is this considered gambling?

No. SportsHero Competitions are free-to-play so no real money is being gambled! Users make picks for free and, based on their standing on the leaderboard, win prizes. Users who are not making correct picks can leverage picks made by other users by following them.

Where can I give feedback?

SportsHero would love to hear from its users. Feedback is important to us as we strive continually to improve the app, features, and experience for users. Please feel free to email us at support@sportshero.live