SportsHero Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX code: SHO) and is the owner of the world-renowned sport prediction, gamification, and marketing platform. The company has a strategic aim of creating and utilising communities of over 1 billion people by combining affiliated communities (social platform, B2B and B2C brands of professional sport teams) to create a strong user base focused on sports. SportsHero’s robust prediction platform aims to tap into the knowledge of sports fans by recognising and celebrating their skills in predicting the winners of sports competitions.

1. Fans sign up for free on the platform & customise their dashboard with their favourite teams and Competitions. 

2. Fans guess the outcome of the Matches from the upcoming Matchweek from the Competitions they have joined. 

3. Users earn points from their correct Match picks from each Matchweek. 

4. Users surge up the Matchweek and/or Overall leaderboard based on the points earned from each match. 

5. Win coins to redeem for exclusive prizes! 

Here is the breakdown of SportsHero’s Score Prediction gameplay.

A Competition is a compilation of all the Matchweeks from a season that users have to predict on.

Each Matchweek has a winner. Users earn points based on how close his/her predictions are to the actual match results.

All users start a Competition with 0 points. Users earn points through correct or close Match predictions in each Matchweek. The user with the highest number of points at the end of the season wins the overall Competition.

Each Competition will be divided into a specific number of Matchweeks, depending on the league selected.

A Matchweek refers to the round of fixtures set for a particular league during a particular period.

Each Matchweek contains a specific number of Matches. For every successful (or close) prediction of each Match, users earn points.

At the end of the Matchweek, all the points earned from each Match are summed up. 

Matches refer the to the individual fixture set within a particular Matchweek. 

Users earn points based on how close their Match prediction is with the actual result. 

Each Competition has its own Matchweek and Overall Leaderboard.

All participating users are ranked by the number of points won in each Matchweek and throughout the whole Competition.

A user can also view another user’s profile from the leaderboard to see that user’s Competition history. 

Though most Competitions on SportsHero are free-to-play, some Competitions would require the purchase of a Ticket to enter. 

Ticket-based Competitions will offer greater prizes every Matchweek. 

You can enter as many Competitions (either Free or Paid) as you like throughout the season. 

SportsHero works with world-leading sports data providers to present real-time match-specific statistics, allowing users to make data-driven picks.

Prizes can vary from signed football jerseys to equipment, vouchers and more! 
Special prizes, including contracts to become a SportsHero Prediction Contributor are also open for specific competitions

No. Most SportsHero Competitions are free-to-play so no real money is being exchanged. 

Users make picks for free and exclusive prizes based on their rankings on the leaderboard, win prizes.

SportsHero would love to hear from its users. Feedback is important to us as we strive continually to improve the app, features, and experience for users. Email us at

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