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Our mission is to build the world’s largest social sports community by bringing fans together from all around the world through an engaging gamification platform. SportsHero’s robust platforms taps into the knowledge of sports fans by recognising and celebrating their skills through a variety of different sports competitions.

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Meet The Board

John Dougall

Chairman & Non-Executive Director

Mr Dougall has worked at a Chief Executive and board level in a number of technology companies based in Melbourne, New York, Sydney, London and San Francisco. He has served as Managing Director of four ASX listed companies successfully exporting Australian technology to China, India, Indonesia, The Philippines, Vietnam and Latin America.

Tom Lapping

CEO & Director

Mr Lapping is highly experienced across the securities and media sectors, and since 2016, has played an integral role within SportsHero and was a key member of the team during the transition of the business from a Singaporean unlisted entity, to an ASX listed public company in February 2017.

Michael Higginson

Company Secretary & Non-Executive Director

Mr Higginson is a professional director and company secretary with extensive experience in public company administration, ASX Listing Rules, the Corporations Act, capital raisings, corporate governance, financial reporting and due diligence.

Meet The Team

Tom Lapping

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tom has been an integral part of several high-growth, dynamic businesses across securities, media, property and consumer service sectors and was named “40 Under 40” entrepreneurs to watch.

Adele Sim

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

With over 20 years experience, Adele is a well-seasoned corporate executive with extensive experience servicing large scale and early stage companies in execution roles.

Rob Davies

Director Of Operations, Indonesia

With over 25 years experience in Indonesia specialising in the technology and football, Rob is advising PSSI and The Djarum Group on youth development programs in tandem with taking Indonesian football digital.

Haikel Aziz

Head of Marketing

Haikel Is a marketing specialist in digital, social media and content marketing with extensive experience and knowledge in the technology and sports industry.

Alfernia Oktavia

Country Manager, Indonesia

Nia is a self-directed and driven country manager with comprehensive accomplishments in public and media relations, and structuring innovative partnership campaigns in Indonesia.